Potential Solutions For Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection can happen due to bacteria that enter the urethra and infect your urinary system. This infection can also affect the other parts of the urinary system, but the bladder is the most common area. Fortunately, there are various effective treatments for urinary tract infection performed by an urologist in Dubai.

Medicinal herbs:

The plant Arctostaphylosuvaursi, also known as bearberry, is an important medicinal herb. It has diuretic and antibacterial properties. This plant has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine. A recent study found it to be an effective treatment for urinary tract infections. Its leaf extract was also found to be a potent antimicrobial.

Many natural remedies for UTIs are safe to use and don’t require a doctor’s prescription. Some of these herbs can be taken as tea or tincture. Tinctures have a higher concentration of constituents than herbal teas.


Ultrasound is a useful tool in diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections. It is a cost-effective and less invasive imaging modality that can be used on patients of any age. It is also a safer option than CT scans and X-rays, which expose patients to high radiation levels. In addition, ultrasound is comfortable and does not require extended time in an MRI machine.


Diaphragms may be effective solutions for urinary tract infections, and they are not just for women. Regular diaphragm use can help prevent up to 34 percent of primary and 15 percent of secondary UTIs. But there are a few drawbacks to using a diaphragm for prevention.

First, the diaphragm needs to be cleaned properly after use. This means washing thoroughly after each use and air drying it. In addition, it must be stored in a case to prevent it from being damaged by lubricants and oil. Also, it needs to be replaced every two years or so. It is also important to check for holes in the diaphragm and replace them if necessary.


Spermicides are antibiotics that kill bacteria present in the vagina. There are two types, low and high-concentration spermicides. The low-concentration types kill bacteria that do not cause infection, while the higher-concentration types attack the bacteria that cause infection. These antibiotics are available as jellies and creams.

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