3 Essential Aspects Of Preparing A Will In UAE 

A will is important in UAE because it helps protect your assets and ensure your family gets what they deserve. For foreigners living in UAE, having a will is particularly important. Failure to do so can have significant consequences for your family. The DIFC wills and probate registryis an excellent option for ex-pats to protect their assets. If you are decided to prepare a will in UAE, there are some essential aspects you must consider. 

Unambiguous language:

A will is an important document that allows the testator to express their wishes in full detail. UAE has laws that require a testator to be physically present when making a will. If the testator is not physically present, they can appoint someone else to execute the will on their behalf. It is important that the Power of Attorney is unambiguous and contains unambiguous language. Moreover, if the power of attorney is not in Arabic, it must be translated by an official sworn translator. The Ministry of justice must also stamp the translated document. The testator should also submit their UAE passport and Id for verification purposes. Lastly, they must submit documents related to the ownership of their property in UAE.

Keeping family informed:

Preparing a will is an important aspect of estate planning. You may wish to include your family in the process. This will ensure that everyone is aware of your intentions. A will should include the distribution of your assets. This includes any property you may own outside of UAE. It is also advisable for expatriates to prepare separate wills for these assets.

There are several different options for preparing a will in UAE. You can prepare a verbal will, a written will, or a signed will. You can also choose the form of your will and whether you would like it to be absolute or contingent. Your will can also include conditions, although these must follow Sharia principles.


To register a will in UAE, you must pay an administration fee of AED 750. In addition, if you are not Muslim, you will have to pay AED 950 to the government for probate. Once you have your will, you must get it translated and legalized. A lawyer will be able to help you throughout the process and give you legal advice.

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