Indulge in some comfort food

The most boosting thing in the world is the sight of a scrumptious food salver. Be it a depressed day, you had a break up, or are just feeling low; nothing is like gorging on some comfort food. This sort of food would always carry an emotional value that is deeply admired by the person and provokes nostalgia of a happier time.

For many, comfort food is what connects with their childhood memories and reminds them of homely comfort and safety. There could be an array of food stuff that falls into this bracket depending upon the area you live or the culture you belong such as the mac and cheese, dosa, or biryani are some common dishes that are widely eaten in household of different parts of the world. Comfort foods are simple dishes, fairly easy to make and can be cooked in a few minutes.

Whether you call it a craving or comfort, nothing gratifies us as some deep fried food like crispy fry chicken or prawns. Such foods are heavenly after a hard day at work. When we finally draw into the comfort of our living room, be ourselves, away from the worries then nothing feels more conforming than delving into some divine, juicy and crispy chicken. Visit our website for a fantastic recipe. Also, none can refuse a warm bowl of comfort food during cold winter nights. Piping hot chicken and dumplings is a classically delightful dish that provides warmth, nourishment and a lot of happiness, all in a meek bowl.

The current vogue of staying healthy and be cautious when choosing food to eat has got all of us to over analyze every bite that we take. We are being too afraid to pile up calories and want to stay thin at any cost, we never mind cutting down on our favorite food. While it is good to be healthy and cautious about what we eat, to crave our favorite foods that make us feel good about ourselves and our day for the time being is absolutely understandable.

Even dieticians would recommend cheating betimes and surrendering into our cravings. It is not only a good stress buster but also uplifts our mood. Next time you feel the like savoring an old favorite dish, opt for it without a guilt.

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