What Are The Amenities Offered By Self-Storage Facilities?

A self-storage unit can provide a safe and secure resting place for items you don’t need immediately. For example, someone who has just ended a relationship may need to find another place to store their belongings. They may also be in a hurry to move into a new place. If you are looking for storage companies in Dubai, there are some important things you need to know. Read on to learn about these things before making a final decision.

Climate controlled storage:

You have many options if you’re looking for a self-storage facility with climate-controlled storage. Most climate-controlled storage units are smaller than 10 by 15 feet, but if you’re planning to move large items, you’ll want to look for larger units. Non-climate-controlled storage units can be difficult to move large items in and out of, and climate-controlled units can be especially helpful for storing bulky items that are difficult to transport.

Drive-up access:

Self-storage facilities offer drive-up access to their units, making it easy to access your storage unit with your vehicle. Drive-up units range from a single-car garage to a large, enclosed unit. Some facilities also provide parking for recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. Drive-up units can be accessed from outside the facility, making them perfect for storing large vehicles.

Digital inventories:

Self-storage facilities offer a variety of services, including digital inventories. The inventories can help you track what you own and where it is located. This is also helpful for insurance purposes. An inventory can also save you time and money by reducing your storage bill. Some facilities even offer mobile apps to help you keep track of your belongings.

Electronic locks:

Self-storage facilities can offer a variety of security measures, such as electronic door locks, to tenants. These locks provide additional protection by ensuring tenants cannot access their storage units without a PIN code. These electronic locks are usually easy to install. The main locking unit is mounted on the right-hand door bracket using three socket-head cap screws and lock nuts. 

Customer service:

Customer service offered by self-storage facilities is increasingly important to attract and retain tenants. This service includes human interactions and the facility’s digital and physical features. Whether you’re renting a unit online or calling the facility, customer service should be friendly and professional, and you should always receive the information you need without having to talk to a salesperson.

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