Gypsum board is a gypsum-based composite that serves as a backing for drywall, a common building material. Now a days, the demand of it is high because people search a lot for gypsum board partition price in Dubai.

Drywall is a sheet made from gypsum dissolved in a binding solution, usually water, used in the interior framing of walls and roofs. It can also be used as a gypsum product for exterior applications, click this link now to learn more.

There are two main types of gypsum boards: soft and hard.

  • Soft, or pliable, gypsum board has flat, curved, or smooth surfaces, while hard drywall board has long edges.
  • The flat or curved surfaces of soft drywall give it an easy texture, while the long edges of hard drywall give it a more irregular surface. In addition, both varieties of gypsum board have man-made fibres added as a process of binding.

Both gypsum board and drywall have several different types of finishes.

  • There is gypsum board paint, which can be applied over a drywall joint compound to give a smooth,
  • finished surface; gypsum-based varnish or sealers, which can be used to completely seal the board and bring out its natural grain;
  • or white board varnish, which is similar to oil-based varnish but does not contain oils.

Different types of joint compounds can also be used to form gypsum boards.

  • These include gypsum cement
  • glue
  • liquid cement
  • dry-fit plaster

Some experts believe that gypsum board works better as a moisture-control product than drywall because it contains small-sized molecules that are easily penetrate able by water. Another advantage of the small-sized molecules is that the smaller size of the molecules allows the molecules to attach more easily to each other, which enables them to form bigger bubbles that tend to burst rather than remain intact. This property allows for release of trapped moisture in pipes and cracks, although it is not clear how well this works.

Gypsum board can also be painted to produce a wide range of colors. It is one of the most commonly available, non-toxic, building material. The board can be painted any colour that you want, though experts advise that only very pale colours be used to prevent reaction with metal flashing. Because the board has small pores in its surface, it stains quickly and is difficult to remove unless professionals are hired. Abrasive cleaners are not recommended because they can cause damage to the board and harm its ability to bond with other materials.

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