Important Things About IFZA Company Setup

The IFZA is a free zone with several different license types. Licenses are usually issued within four (4) business days, making it easy for companies to register in the zone. Companies can also select from various packages that provide various levels of flexibility. For instance, they can start with a zero (0) visa package and upgrade to a one-year license if they decide later to grow. If you are also planning to establish a new business in a free zone, you can invest in the IFZA company set up. Read this article to get information about IFZA. 

IFZA license is competitive:

Companies from any country can open a branch in Dubai under the IFZA license. However, the branch’s activity must be similar to the activity of the parent company. If the activity is not the same as the parent company, the branch can be closed, and its assets and liabilities will be considered the parent company’s responsibility. IFZA’s company setup process is simple and quick.

IFZA license is easy to obtain:

An IFZA license is easy to obtain and possesses several benefits. Its advantages include ease of establishment and fast registration of a company. In addition, investors are offered continuous support and regular discounts and promotions. Additionally, an IFZA license is valid for three years. Furthermore, it does not require a paid-up share capital or annual audit report. It allows for a virtual office, and there are no additional requirements for employee guarantee deposits or NOC from the current visa sponsor.

IFZA license is recommended for trading in goods:

If you are looking to start a business in Dubai, it is highly recommended to get a license from IFZA. The company registration process is simple, and you can start your company within four days. IFZA also offers different business setup packages to meet the needs of businessmen worldwide. These packages include visa application, labor and immigration approval, bank account opening, and legal aspects of establishing a company in IFZA.

IFZA license is available to locals and foreigners:

The IFZA has many business licenses, each with its advantages. For example, the general trading license allows companies to import raw materials, manufacture and package products, and export certain products. On the other hand, an industrial license focuses on producing and exporting specific products, and the holding license allows companies to own and operate specific assets. These assets may include real estate, trademarks, patents, and shares in other companies.

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